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  • Boot Hall
    Observations of England written by a pseudonymous American expat in London with a wry take on the world.
  • Phil Albinus
    The personal, professional and political musings of my friend and former colleague of the same name
  • Deep Thoughts
    Tired of my treacly liberalism? Chuck Carroll writes the occasional essays from the other perspective.
  • David Strom's Web Informant
    David Strom offers IT industry news and analysis.
  • Forbes on Tech
    Jim Forbes' Interesting life, savvy tech comments

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  • My all-time favorite movie:
    Groundhog Day. I have created a fan site that is universally acknowledged to be the best on the Internet dedicated to this work of art.

    All the rest of my favorite movies (Deadline USA, The Paper, CitizenKane) are Journalism movies.


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