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 Firesign Theater Returns


 My friend Neal Vitale (who says he doesn't read this column because he doesn't want to be seen as encouraging vanity publishing on the web) tipped me to the arrival of an all-new Firesign Theater album: Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death. I haven't heard it yet (review will follow later).

Perhaps they were encouraged by the reaction to their 20th anniversary tour a few years back. I took my older daughter, Marlow, whose response was, "I've never seen so many balding middle-age guys with pony tails wearing tie-dye in my life." She was also interested in the smell that filled the theater. "Incense," I said, and changed the subject.

Among the places you can buy the album is my favorite spot for on-line music CDNOW. Don't bother telling them Paul sent you, I don't get a commission.


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