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Restarting PSACOT

About a million years ago (well, OK, technically, 1970-71) I was a columnist for the Objectivist newspaper at MIT, Ergo. It was born and died before the Internet era, so it doesn't exist anywhere on the net. Fortunately I was recruited away to join the real newspaper on campus, The Tech. But not before I spent the best seven months of my life bloviating on any topic that crossed my path, every Wednesday morning in front of many of my 4,000 fellow undergraduates. Anyway, I have been thinking about the wonders of the Internet as a self-publishing medium, I decided, "If it's good enough for Michael Tchong and Robert Seidman, it's good enough for me."

You may or may not find wit and wisdom contained herein. But you will, for sure, find strong opinions. Weekly, if I can manage it. I have interesting friends with interesting websites (and a few I contribute to myself), so I'll be pointing to a website of the week and telling you why I like it.


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