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You ARE being watched 

This came in from my friend Neal Macklin, a long-time computer industry maven, who has worked for both Amdahl (mainframes) and Apple (PCs). We're fellow MIT alumni. He's got a well-honed sense of humor and has written some of the funniest satire I've ever read.

This time out, he's serious, about an overlooked story:

I'm not sure why this story didn't get wider play. Makes ISP monitoring efforts like Imgis/AdForce pale by comparison:

Imgis just proposed to report on which websites were viewed by a user by installing monitoring SW unbeknownst to you at your ISP and brought down a maelstrom of controversy upon itself.

WebTV is not only doing this, but also reporting on
what channels and shows you watched on TV!

Well, Neal, it's getting wider play now. Not a LOT wider, but still, wider.

My two bits: if you're concerned about privacy, get angry now, because later will be too late.


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