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We Won! America Won

It doesn't get much sweeter. The American people have spoken, and I couldn't be happier with what they had to say. You see, I am a Yellow Dog Democrat. That means if the Democrats nominated a yellow dog, I'd still vote for it. I worked for Bobby Kennedy and Wayne Morse when I was still in high school. I voted for Carter and Dukakis. So you can imagine how good I felt on election night. As a resident of California, I am thrilled that I'll have Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate and Gray Davis in Sacramento. It really is morning in America this time. It appears even the Republicans are getting the message. Wanna place any bets on impeachment now?

By the way, my mother, one of the most astute political observers I know, believes the GOP lost its way when it decided to listen to the media instead of the people. "Now maybe you'll listen to the people" she concludes.

I write this column gradually, all week, a little each day after work. Newt Gingrich's resignation broke on Friday when it was almost done. I will probably have more to say next week and in future weeks. I am not saddened by his departure. In fact, I am rather cheered by it. To use his own words, I always thought Newt was "bizarre" and "obscene." My jollity stems from the fact that I am morally certain the Republicans can do worse. And will.


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