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This week, I am turning this space over to my friend Craig Reynolds, because I agree with what he has to say about this web site.

Several times over the last month I've seen well-reasoned and thoughtful anti-Microsoft arguments attributed to various people identified as being affiliated with ProComp (the artfully named "Project to Promote Competition & Innovation in the Digital Age", suggesting that they are not so much anti-Microsoft as they are pro-competition).
Anyway, I tracked down the ProComp web site, a useful resource for anyone who thinks that quality software and a free market are more important than Bill's ego:


I like ProComp. I find their regular briefings, using experts to debunk Microsoft's spin inside and outside the courtroom is a welcome balance to the daily coverage of most outlets.

If you want to see the pro-Microsoft spin, you can catch the much-less-sophisticated (and much less frequently updated) web page of the Association for Competitive Technology (more members, smaller companies)


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