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The Top 14 Little Known Items in the Marlboro Miles Catalog

It will be a while before I make the list again; I didn't have much time to write while I was in NYC the last two weeks.

[ The Top 5 List ]
[ Copyright 1999 by Chris White ]
14> Complete framed collection of Surgeon General's warning labels
13> Treadmill with built-in ashtray
12> 100,000 miles: Upgrade to First-Class Chemotherapy
11> Jackie Gleason's "Wheezin' to the Oldies" workout video
10> 500,000 miles and a $10,000 contribution: The Senator of your choice
9> Oxygen Tank Racing Stripes!
8> 100 miles: Bumper sticker saying, "You can have my cigarette when you pry it from my feeble, trembling hands."
7> 100,000 miles: Iron Lung
250,000 miles: Platinum Lung
6> "Marge Schott Hacking Up Some Greenish Shit" Screensaver
5> "What's That Lump?" board game for the kids
4> 80,000 miles: Marlboro Man ballet shoes and tutu
3> "Nice 'n' Pink" lung rouge
2> The "Cougher" -- Lights on... *cough* *cough*, lights off!
and's Number 1 Little Known
Item in the Marlboro Miles Catalog...
1> 1,000,000 miles: John Wayne's bronzed lungs
Selected from 145 submissions from 53 contributors.
Today's Top 5 List authors included:
Chris Gleason, Gaithersburg, MD -- 9
Paul Schindler, Orinda, CA -- 9


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