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Terry Pratchett

I don't know if you know the work of Terry Pratchett, British fantasy/sci-fi writer. Let me share some of it with you.

In his book Maskerade, he has a line I just read, "He dreamed the dream of everyone in the publishing business--to have pockets so filled with gold he'd have to hire two people to hold his trousers up." In a previous work, he wrote of a king, "He never minced words. People, yes, but never words." Pratchett is a very funny man, and if you haven't read his Discworld novels, you really should. Read all of them!

Of course for all around versatility in daily conversation, he has yet to beat Douglas Adam's line, spoken by Arthur Dent, "This must be some new definition of fun with which I wasn't previously familiar." As either of my daughters could tell you, scarcely a week goes by I don't have occasion to use that one.



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