End of Feb. 7 column
Letter From Europe


And here's my mom's third contribution this week (writing about herself, my father, and the passage of time. She's 63, he's 65):

We both are having a hard time finding some kind of relevance to time. At this point in our lives, with all the memories, the artificiality of time really becomes apparent. I can still feel the first time I held you in my arms when you were only moments old - and that is on the continuum with the first time you brought Marlow into my room in the middle of the night, when she was ten days old. I can only look back on the different periods of my life so far, the baby years, the college years, the teaching years, the child care years, the spiritual discovery years, the writing years, and the current doldrums!! There really is no sense of time passing, just different aspects of myself. I think the aborigine lack of a sense of 'time' is the most realistic and spiritual path.
Wow ! didn't mean to go all philosophical !

That's OK mom…


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