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Bay to Breakers

Marlow's home and she took part in the annual San Francisco traditional "fun run," the Bay to Breakers. Here's her report:

The bay to breakers went quite well. I "ran" with my friend Megan Wood.
It was quite a hot day (90's I think). We took BART over with the Laus (Mr. Lau, Rebecca, and Abigail) and John Schochet. Mr. Lau is a marathon runner (he finished in 50 mins). Becca rows crew at Davis (she finished in 1 hr 25 mins).
Abigail is a cross country runner who also runs hurdles for track (she didn't pay attention to her time, but probably came in around an hour and ten mins).
John used to have a screw in his ankle but is working up to marathon level. Meg and I finished at about 1:35.
I think we only walked about a mile (part on the hill and most of mile 5) and jogged the rest. There seemed to be an unusually high percentage of naked people, but maybe that was just because they were going about the same pace as us. There were plenty of guys in drag as well. More nice gowns than house dresses this year.
I saw a nun and some caveman, but I didn't see all that much in the way of impressive, imaginative costumes.
Megan and I watched Go and ate cheap Chinese food last night rather than create costumes.
At the end of the race we met up at the Polo field and walked to Rebecca's grandma's house where they'd parked their family van last night. Rebecca's uncle was there and asked where we were all going to college as we lay on Grandma Lau's shag carpet avoiding gratuitous motion, and it was an all Ivy reunion (Brown, Yale, and of course, Columbia).
It was a good day. I'm sore.


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