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Marlow's Wonderful Day

Marlow sent me this on July 6th:

Today was really awesome. The Senator is on recess until Sunday and in California. Today she had a constituent lunch in her honor at the Oakland convention center given by the Mayor's office and the Chamber of Commerce. Over 700 people attended.
I was told about this lunch yesterday by Debbie who told me to keep it quiet because there weren't enough tickets for all of the interns. So when I came this morning everything was pretty frantic. I helped Debbie fax, copy, edit and write the Senator's talking points, guest list, and bio. Apparently she decided late last night she wasn't thrilled with how her speech looked so it was completely re-vamped this morning. And of course only one printer in the office was working. Everything got done though and Debbie called a meeting in the conference room for all of the interns. She gave a general talk about being ambassadors and walking people from the registration desk to the tables. I was kind of disappointed because I was being lumped in with the other interns, but then when she dismissed everyone she kept Michael Walker, Stella, Frank, and I behind and handed out real assignments. Michael and Stella are caseworkers. Michael was in charge of the senatorial seal (more on that later) and Stella had to make sure we got good audio of the Senator's speach. I was put in charge of the interns. If they had any questions she would send them to me. All of the other interns except Jenny took BART over immediately.
I helped Frank and Debbie get some prints (by the Senator) for gifts for the reverend who would be saying the prayer before lunch and the student from West Oakland she was honoring and finish printing things and putting them in official blue folders. The three of us drove over together. It was exciting representing someone important like at the San Francisco budget thing I went with Debbie to three weeks ago, but this was better because the whole event was geared around the Senator so, as staff, not an intern mind you, we got an especially warm greeting from the mayor's staff, the other organizations, and the employees. Debbie knew everyone, introduced us to everyone and started working the room. I ran around helping whoever needed it. I think the most entertaining mini crisis came when Michael had to put the seal on the Senator's podium, but there wasn't a nail to hang it on. So when I came to give him his ticket he was standing there with scotch tape, masking tape and duct tape with a janitor trying to decide what to do. Eventually, in a flash of brilliance, he used velcro. If you see a picture from this event, which those of you not in the bay area probably won't, look between the Marriott sign and the Seal and you can see it.
The Senator was on time, her speach went well and was well-received, she answered questions afterwards and then was quickly ushered out. I didn't actually get to meet her. I did wave as she pulled away though... She's supposed to come back in August for an "intern lunch" so I'm not so disappointed. She really did seem larger than life.
Afterwards Debbie was happy because her event was a success, and better yet it was over. I helped Michael and Stella pack up the information table and then everyone left but Frank, Debbie and I. Debbie was still pressing flesh and collecting business cards. She's really the best people person I've ever seen (including Lee). She is/seems genuinely happy to meet/see everyone/anyone. When everyone else was gone she started raving to the organizer of the event about how great it turned out. And considering this event was planned in under 2 weeks, I'd have to agree. The organizer ran off to get Debbie a business card and told us to go into the Atrium lounge which wasn't open yet and have anything we wanted on the house. She sent over a complimentary bottle of white wine. We hung around for over an hour just talking, comparing notes on the Senator's speech, and unwinding (this was mainly for Debbie's benefit). I always enjoy talking to staff about how they ended up working for Feinstein since they're all not that far out of college themselves, and the turn-over is pretty high so there are a lot of stories.
Around 3 we finally got our car to head back to the office (via McDonalds since Frank and Debbie hadn't actually eaten lunch). When we got back to the office Debbie had to go out with Jim to see Ms. Barzon's judicial appointment to the 9th circuit (I wrote her proclamation, but they didn't get it printed in time, because they let it fall between the cracks while I was in NY), but Frank and I found some chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge and wandered around the office chuckling at all the people who had been back for several hours and were doing real work. I solved a computer problem for Anh (my boss) who professed her undying love for me, and then came home. I ran into Jackie, Kizu and Grace (all just recently graduated from Miramonte) on BART and had a pleasant ride home catching up on Jackie's last year.
I don't know if this email came out half as happy and energetic as I wanted it to. But this really was a great day. I could definitely see myself doing this someday, um, for pay. It was just a nice, exciting, adrenaline-filled day. I don't know how the DC staff can do this on a regular basis and not break down. Maybe I'll find out.
Marlow Schindler
Office of Senator Feinstein


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