Google Bombing

Google Bombing, Stealing Another Election, Electoral Math

Here are some articles of interest about GOP candidates from Why not post them on your blog?

-AZ-Sen: Jon Kyl --AZ-01: Rick Renzi --AZ-05: J.D. Hayworth --CA-04: John Doolittle --CA-11: Richard Pombo --CA-50: Brian Bilbray --CO-04: Marilyn Musgrave --CO-05: Doug Lamborn --CO-07: Rick O'Donnell --CT-04: Christopher Shays --FL-13: Vernon Buchanan --FL-16: Joe Negron --FL-22: Clay Shaw --ID-01: Bill Sali --IL-06: Peter Roskam --IL-10: Mark Kirk --IL-14: Dennis Hastert --IN-02: Chris Chocola --IN-08: John Hostettler --IA-01: Mike Whalen --KS-02: Jim Ryun --KY-03: Anne Northup --KY-04: Geoff Davis --MD-Sen: Michael Steele --MN-01: Gil Gutknecht --MN-06: Michele Bachmann --MO-Sen: Jim Talent --MT-Sen: Conrad Burns --NV-03: Jon Porter --NH-02: Charlie Bass --NJ-07: Mike Ferguson --NM-01: Heather Wilson --NY-03: Peter King --NY-20: John Sweeney --NY-26: Tom Reynolds --NY-29: Randy Kuhl --NC-08: Robin Hayes --NC-11: Charles Taylor --OH-01: Steve Chabot --OH-02: Jean Schmidt --OH-15: Deborah Pryce --OH-18: Joy Padgett --PA-04: Melissa Hart --PA-07: Curt Weldon --PA-08: Mike Fitzpatrick --PA-10: Don Sherwood --RI-Sen: Lincoln Chafee --TN-Sen: Bob Corker --VA-Sen: George Allen --VA-10: Frank Wolf --WA-Sen: Mike McGavick --WA-08: Dave Reichert 


Sara Taylor is the Political Director for George W. Bush. Karl Rove also works with Mr. Bush. They both plan on stealing another election.

  • As G.O.P. Mopes, Bush Adds The Title of Optimist in Chief
    …"Mr. Rove and Ms. Taylor are said by associates to have spent hours going through data on volunteer efforts, voter registration tallies and financial matchups between candidates throughout the states, and they see a path to victory."

Wonder what voter registration tallies Ms. Taylor and Mr. Rove are reading?

While data is still being gathered, in certain of the key counties for Democrats in Ohio, registration appears to be lower than that in November 2004 by about 140,000 (or more) votes. The expected vote (40% turnout) is about 3.2 million which means 140,000 de-registered voters represent about 8% of the vote (1.6 million) needed to win a statewide race. In Cuyahoga County (Ohio) where the biggest Democratic vote in the state is expected (and the registration is up a few percent), an outside expert retained by the county board of elections reported a few months ago that there was no basis for relying (either in 2006 or 2008) upon the new electronic voting machines which malfunctioned and caused frustrated voters to leave the polls in the spring primary.


  • There are several report cards going around that suggest voting GOP. Here's my report card:
  • Lied us into a pointless and expensive war that has made us less safe, and then did a crappy job handling the aftermath: GOP
  • In the process of losing the intelligent war, the one against the people who attacked us: GOP
  • Undid a budget surplus and doubled the national debt and spent like drunken sailors: GOP
  • Made this country the international poster boy for torture, in contravention of every principle this country was founded on: GOP
  • Wasted time and taxpayer money on flag-burning and gay marriage when this country faced real threats to its present and future (talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burned): GOP
  • Failed to conduct a single serious oversight hearing on any executive department blunder, from Iraq to Katrina to Plamegate: GOP

I know which party I'm voting for. How about you?