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Special holiday version of Tom Lasusa links: Halloween Defined @ Wikipedia30 Second Bunny Theatre Presents Texas ChainsawMassacre"Is Willard Library Haunted?"The ShadowLands...true ghost stories… Looking for a good scare? Find a haunted house attraction in your stateVintage Halloween PoemsAnd a few more I found a couple of years ago... The life and death of a pumpkin….the worst Halloween costumes everVictorian post-mortem photographs…(Not for faint of heart -- photos of the Victorian era deceased including children)… Clearly the kind of Halloween costume you get if your parents enjoy seeing you beaten in the school yard

Harrison Klein writes:

I rarely forward anything to anybody, but Steve Lawson is a very close friend of mine and I agree with the sentiments so I'm making an exception. Steve and I worked together at KING. He built and operated the largest audio production company in Seattle, then worked for Paul Allen, then "retired" to do interesting stuff on his own.

Here is the note from Steve Lawson that Harrison forwarded:

A few weeks ago, my friend Greg Mollner and I were having coffee, discussing the current world situation and affairs here at home. Greg's passion was overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact that this seasoned, successful businessman started singing to me.

It was a song he'd been writing to address his love for the USA and to alleviate his frustration with our current government. It's a song called America my Daddy Taught to Me.

I hooked Greg up with another friend, Terry Lauber, of Gabriel and Brother's Four fame. Together they added a new melody to Greg's strong words, and created an engaging song that so succinctly addresses what so many of us have been feeling. I've attached the lyrics and a link to their heartfelt collaboration.

Feel free to download the song by right-clicking on the download link on the My Space page. Or just click the Play button to listen.

If you agree with the message of this song we ask that you forward it on to your friends and acquaintances. If you work in radio or TV, we hope you'll get this song into the hands of those who can give it exposure.

It's our hope to expose the sentiments of this song to people all across America. So that in early November, we can begin to change the course of our great nation to the America my Daddy Taught to Me!

Blogrolling: my friend Chuck Carroll from band writes:

Voters among you may enjoy some election thoughts. The first piece is "How to Vote in California." Of course, YOU know how to vote but you might pick up some ideas to help educate a confused acquaintance or relative. Voters nationwide might like the second piece, "What is Important?"

I disagree with almost every word in this blog except for the prepositions, but, like Tom Jefferson, I'll defend to the death Chuck's right to be wrong.

Dan Grobstein File

  • About the New Yorker Festival: "Afterward, at lunch, I chewed over what he'd said, and came to see that this relatively new feature, the New Yorker Festival, has taken the venerable magazine one step closer to an institute of higher learning. Students of The New Yorker University scuttled across the campus of Manhattan in pursuit not so much of edification as of the kind of solidarity that the best universities' students feel."

  • | October 25, 2006
    Hospitals Try Free Basic Care for Uninsured
    For many patients with chronic diseases, it would be cheaper to provide free preventive care than to absorb the high cost of repeated emergencies.