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Lasusa Links, An MIT Education, Dan Grobstein File

Tom Lasusa surfs the web so you don't have to: Daniel "Harry Potter" RadcliffeWonder where your money's going...literally?Fun facts about the Harvest Moon this October 6When the Lights Went out In IcelandRussia: Where old Sitcoms go to live once more

A former friend of my wife's, also an MIT grad, wrote last week:

Did your studies help, or were they mainly a basic education that served you to carry conversation in many circles throughout your life?

I responded: That is amazing. For the 32 years since I graduated, I have prided myself on being able to conduct an intelligent 10-minute conversation with anyone who speaks English, regardless of what they do for a living. I read omnivorously (I was on the Jeopardy! television quiz show), but much of my ability to ask intelligent questions and vaguely grasp the meaning of the answers I owe to my MIT education. I owe my career to it as well; editors choosing between two candidates were always impressed by the credential, particularly in computer journalism. Ironically, I didn't have to show my transcript to anyone until I applied to become a teacher. Since my GPA did not meet California standards, I needed a special letter from [a professor] which elevated some of my pass credits to A grades. Anyway, you succinctly summed up the value of an MIT education to me.

Dan Grobstein File

(Dan also has a couple of links in politics this week)