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Not Piling Onto Foley Here, Condi Rice Meeting

What more can I say about Foley. I don't allow my students to gloat in class, so I won't gloat about the world of hurt that the Republican'ts are in for their world-class hypocricy. My only comment: Coach Hastert knew. Dan Grobstein and I enjoyed this list of political scandals.


Read this New York Times article about Rice and the CIA carefully. If it turns out that Ms Rice DID know what she's denying, then GWB may have to knife her in the back to keep from being linked to this. This is really beginning to feel like Watergate, something that I'm sure Woodward is chortling about.

From Dan Grobstein:

American Progress: The various takes on the CIA/Rice briefing on an imminent attack that Rice is supposed to have brushed off. The Rice briefing was July 10, 2001. Absolutely coincidentally (and without a briefing), Ashcroft stopped flying commercial as reported by CBS News on July 26, 2001. Within "a week" of July 10 brings us to July 17. Pretty close to the 26th for me.


There's a note or two on polling in Technobriefs this week.