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by Craig Reynolds

Wii v. PS3: more (see previous items) on the upcoming launch of these two next gen game consoles: Battleground for Consoles Moves Online, Hot holiday video games could spur player sales, Top 5 Wii Games at Launch and New Controller To Offer ‘Wii Emulation’ For PS3, 360, PC. Some PS3 announcements: Sony Readies Its PlayStation 3 for Battle, Sony unveils net service for PS3 and Sony's Online Free-for-All.

Second Life, more like the first: increasingly real world activities, like university classes and political campaigns, are moving into the persistent multiuser virtual world known as Second Life. Now Reuters opens virtual news bureau in Second Life. On the commercial aspects: A Virtual World but Real Money.

Global warming: Antarctic ice collapse linked to greenhouse gases, Gravity satellites see ice loss (but: Not So Fast: Greenland Ice Melting, But Slower Than Thought) and Seabed microbes munch methane, curb warming: study.

Microsoft: at long last, a new version of "the browser for people who don't know how to download Firefox": Microsoft hopes 7 is lucky number for IE. Locking third parties out of the Vista security market: McAfee: Microsoft completely unrealistic on Vista and The Netscaping of Symantec and McAfee. Those companies came into being because previous Windows security was so bad, so now the public is suppose to trust that Microsoft finally got it right? Yet another reason to use Macs: Some Video iPods shipped with Windows virus. NYT asks Ballmer: Is Windows Near End of Its Run?

Mars and Antennae: NASA Orbiter Reveals New Details of Mars, Young and Old and 'Another New Mars': NASA Orbiter Ready for Red Planet Science. Great new images from Hubble data of the Antennae galaxies: look at this gorgeous close up of that chaotic central region. Here is a comparison with older imagery (via).

Invisibility, no really: no longer just the province of myth or science fiction: Working invisibility cloak created at last. OK, this prototype works in the microwave, not the visible, portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, but still! It is based on the same sort of metamaterial previously used to create optical components with negative index of refraction.  See this image of the device and Duke's press release with video.

Domain kiting fixed?: abuse of the domain registration practice known as domain kiting or "domain tasting" was mentioned here back in August, and now maybe some relief: ICANN votes on domain tasting solution.

Technobits: Computerized Voter Registration Databases Need a Major Overhaul (via, see also ACM's page) --- study quantifies gender stereotype's impact on women: Negative images sap math test score --- Picking out digital image forgeries ("researcher shows how digital image forgeries can be spotted") --- Cyberface: New Technology That Captures the Soul: NYT raves about facial performance capture and remapping from Image Metrics (recall also the Mova Contour system mentioned here recently) --- autopilot for quiet, fuel-efficient airliner descent: As jetliners descend, so will their volume --- Sun’s data center in a box --- Why Old Media and Tom Cruise Should Worry About Cheaper Technology --- how "beauty" is manufactured: Dove Evolution.