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The Top 12 Things Overheard at a New Year's Eve Party at the White House OR in Hell

Did I mention I was No. 10?

12> "Good news, sir: We've found the way out of Iraq. Go down through the lowest circle and climb out of Satan's body into Purgatory."

11> "Man, it's always the same at these things: lawyers, movie stars and politicians."

10> "Yes, I did say you'd be doing the Macarena forever. Would you rather be in charge of Iraq policy?"

9> "What the heck just happened? It's suddenly freezing in here!" "Senator Santorum just asked Cheney's daughter to dance."

8> "Check this out: Abramoff and the boss are totally denying they had a meeting."

7> "This music is horrible. Is that Ashlee Simpson's CD or is someone being tortured?"

6> "Senator Clinton! Imagine meeting you here."

5> "Mr. President, would you please ask your inebriated daughters to go to their rooms. They're giving the place a bad name."

4> "Why do they always have to book Kenny G. for these things?"

3> "Do I have an excuse? Since when do I need an excuse to stir up trouble in the Middle East?"

2> "Him? He's just here for show. Cheney runs the place."

and's Number 1 Thing Overheard at a New Year's Eve Party at the White House or in Hell...

1> "Promise me you'll call my cell phone if I get stuck in a conversation with Donald Trump."

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Curtis Stoddard, Cedar Hills, UT -- 1, 4, 11 (9th #1/Hat trick!)
Paul Schindler, Orinda, CA -- 10