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End Jan. 29 Column


by Craig Reynolds

Microsoft recidivism: as was widely assumed by cynics, it looks like Microsoft simply ignored the antitrust settlement it entered into in 2002: Microsoft case lawyers claim violation and 'Microsoft broke anti-trust agreement,' prosecutors claim. Fortunately for the rest of us, the plaintiffs in the Iowa antitrust lawsuit have kept on top of this and have begun releasing damaging evidence: 3,000 pieces of evidence on Iowa antitrust case posted online.

More iPhone: sorry to go on about this like I was some kind of Apple fanboy...oh, wait... The fact that iPhone was announced as a closed platform, no third party apps, despite running the full featured OS X, continues to draw commentary: Wah! I can’t install an app on iPhone and why I don’t care and Is Apple sandbagging the iPhone? Several recent cell phone designs sport feature iPhone-like features, especially LG's Prada Phone: LG Electronics launches touch-screen phone that resembles much-hyped Apple iPhone and Alltel makes a stab at improving cell phone UI. Technology Review has an article about recent academic work on multi-finder touch screens like the iPhone supports.

Stem cells, adipose cells and naughty bits: some exciting news of advances in therapies for spinal injuries: Stem cells nurture damaged spine which comes just on the heels of recent discovery of a new source of useful stem cells in amniotic fluid. Like the Sony EyeToy before it, the Nintendo Wii has been applauded for putting an element of anti-couch-potato physical exercise into video games. Now at least one gamer has documented his successful use of Wii for weight loss. Speaking of dietary information, see this nicely produced reference: What Does 200 Calories Look Like? (Although keep in mind that modern thinking about nutrition and weight loss cast doubt on a simple "calorie counting" approach.) Lastly, the idea of teledildonics began as speculative fiction but reality has been quickly catching up: Teledildonics Takes a Step and Two-person teledildonic rig.

Technobits: Flexing Muscle, China Destroys Satellite in Test --- once again proof that DRM does not work, the only thing that works is adopting a business model that customers will embrace (e.g. eMusic): A DVD Copy Protection Is Overcome by Hackers --- along those lines: Universal exec - say goodbye to the old record co. --- interesting solar/hydrogen system: Solar power eliminates utility bills in U.S. home --- Google Earth's 3D world --- Silicon 'Lego bricks' used to build 3D chips --- XCOR test new eco-friendly, Mars refuelable rocket engine --- Is Your Car Smarter Than You Are? --- Analog Digital Watch --- George Clooney in SciFi Channel's 6 hour mini-series of Neal Stephenson's spectacular novel The Diamond Age: Or a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer (via).