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Chuck Carroll on Immigration, Lasusa Links, Mark Mason's Cute Video Find, Peggy Coquet on Helping Teachers, Dan Grobstein File

I don't agree with Chuck Carroll, but since he's a friend of mine, intelligent, and not a racist, I don't mind pointing at his blog entry on immigration.

Tom Lasusa surfs the web so you don't have to. What a group of finds this week! A way to drop an egg four stories without breakingHigh-speed photo of a lightbulb burning out... Smeagol and Gollum from LOTR sing with Barry White... I'm not even sure how to describe these comics. But they're funny... And We Wonder Why our Perception of Beauty is Distorted... Prodigy pianist declared a fraud... Guy hears girl crying for help in upstairs apartment, grabs sword to free damsel from her captors. Turns out neighbor was watching porn... "THIS is an EX-SCAMMER!"

Mark Mason, who makes the Macs in my house run properly, has a tech support blog with occasional sidetrips into humor:

A video depicting early tech support circa 1488 has recently been discovered in the dusty archives of a library in Barcelona, Spain. Much analysis yet remains to be completed on this rare (video incunabula) footage from Europe but it is safe to state that revolutionary technology developments engender universal culture shock and disorientation.

Peggy Coquet found this article at Slate: Want To Buy My Students a $392 Camcorder?: A nonprofit uses the Web to work marketplace magic.

You may never eat at KFC again after watching Rats Gone Wild. Also, all former college editors can't believe the shit being published by their successors.

Dan Grobstein File

  • While America obsessed about Brittany's shaved head, Bush offered a budget that offers $32.7 billion in tax cuts to the Wal-Mart family alone, while cutting $28 billion from Medicaid.
  • This is what the Army medical people do in a high-profile case. I wonder what the difference in level of care is for the wounded vets at Walter Reed?
  • Kimberly Dozier is recovering, though she has a long way to go.