Animated Shorts

Neal's Oscar Picks

[Paul's comments in italics]

Here are my selections as to what I think will win in the following categories:

Picture – The Departed

[I'd also be happy with my nominated picks: The Queen or Babel. I am embarrassed to admit I though Superman had a chance in this category, but not at all embarrassed to admit I liked The Last King of Scotland]

Director – Martin Scorsese

[Again, The Queen or Babel are find with me, although I agree with Neal; Scorsese is overdue]

Actor – Forest Whitaker

[Nichols or Damon or could have been nominated as easily as Di Caprio, whose performance I like. But how can Whitaker lose this year?]

Actress – Helen Mirren

[Streep too, is deserving for The Devil Wears Prada, but I am still getting over the lack of a nomination for Maggie Gyllenhaal in Stranger than Fiction. As usual, a bad year for women's roles]

Sup. Actor – Eddie Murphy

[I preferred Mark Wahlberg in The Departed, but my other three favorites weren't even honored with nominations: Stanley Tucci, The Devil Wears Prada, James Cromwell The Queen and Dustin Hoffman Stranger than Fiction.]

Sup. Actress – Jennifer Hudson

Original Screenplay – Little Miss Sunshine

[Original, perhaps, but nowhere near as original as Zach Helm's script for Stranger than Fiction].

Adapted Screenplay – The Departed

Editing – United 93

Animated Feature – Cars

[Cars was OK, but the best animated film of the year, Flushed Away was a financial bust because of the American public's appalling lack of taste and judgment, and so was not even nominated. Neither Happy Feet nor Monster House can hold a candle to it]

Foreign Language Film – The Lives Of Others

Many of the technical awards will go to Dreamgirls or Pirates of the Caribbean

It’s shaping up as a not-very-exciting year, though the battle between Babel and The Departed for Best Picture will be interesting.

[And, since I was able to see all the best animated short nominees, my pick is a tossup between art (The Danish Poet) and commerce (No Time for Nuts). If any other film wins in this category, it will have to be because the voters didn't actually watch them. Paul]