end March 26 Column

Malchman finds Do-Dah headline, Dalton on New Vs. Old, Lasusa Links, Dan Grobstein File

Finally, someone else is asking the question, Why aren't the Bush daughters in Iraq?

Tom Lasusa surfs the web so you don't have to: Chinese Food Bad for you?… The Devil you say!!!… Sti-i-i-nky sneakers! Girl enjoys foul smell of successI just had a heart attack looking at thisThe skywalk over the Grand Canyon (I'm dizzy just from the pictures)… 9God-fearing villagers snub "satanic" bar codesHooters heading for Holy LandFly First Class?? Over Your Dead Body!Meet socialites Muffie Potter Aston, Topsy Taylor and Bunny Mellon'An Inconvenient Asteroid' -- Meet Al Gore's space rock Watching counterpartI Was An Online Mother (or how to get pregnant in Second Life)

A Doo-Dah headline is one you can sing to Camptown Ladies, such as this one from Information Week found by Robert Malchman:

Online Porn Act Dead For Now

I never knew before if such heads were good or bad, but here's some great writing about headlines pointed to from the Poynter Institute website.

Richard Dalton checks in with some thoughts on new media versus old

My friend Louis and I have been talking back and forth, first about the Hillary/Obama/Apple stupidity and how "reality" is slipping via the Web. I think this is a very serious emerging trend that may eventually reduce the value of search engines because so much of the content is planted in blogs, discussion groups, etc.

What happens when PSACOT gets quoted in the Chron as part of a movie ad? I know and respect (though don't always agree with) your reviews but if the ad features "Dynamite action by a master of the craft" as a reviewer's comment, followed by a barely visible psacot attribution, does a reader equate this with David Ansen of Newsweek or just a voice outof the miasma?

Dan Grobstein File

  • POWER COUPLES....Did you know that lots of high-profile political journalists are married to high-profile political operatives? Sure you did. But if you want a few more details about DC's power couples, the LA Times runs 'em down for you.
  • Why aren't we admitting Iraqi refugess? …President Gerald Ford once said regarding his decision to admit a hundred and thirty thousand Vietnamese after the fall of Saigon: "To do less would have added moral shame to humiliation."