End April 2 Column
The Last Mimzy

What about Walmart? Malchman's Headline Find, Rove in 72, Dern on Star Wars Stamps, Planet Proctor, Lasusa Links, Dan Grobstein File

Wal-Mart leaving America vulnerable to protect their profits. Yikes! Also, here and here.

Robert Malchman thinks you'll enjoy this cricket headline.

Don't miss Karl Rove in this 1972 CBS campaign story.

Daniel Dern reminded me that every media outlet on the planet must plug the forthcoming Star Wars stamps; (more detail); otherwise the terrorists win.

If you're not subscribing to Planet Proctor, you should be; Phil's newsletter tipped me to this amusing post of Hillary at Hadassah.

Tom Lasusa surfs the web so you don't have to: Kermit the Frog covers NIN's "Hurt"(Warning: images of drugs, sex and violence -guaranteed to destroy childhood memories)… Charlie the Unicorn Goes to Candy MountainHistory of the Light Bulb photo exhibit …Scientists Make Amazing Discovery -- disprove old saying "Beer before liquor, never sicker"… 'Cheesy' Webcam's a Traffic Driver Cheese lovers have been logging onto a British Webcam in droves to watch a hunk of cheddar ripen. … A Totally Sweet Cell Phone iPods, cell phones and other small, mobile devices could soon be powered by sugar-fueled batteriesNow THAT's What I call Fish and Chips!… Check out Google's driving directions from New York to Dublin, Ireland (particularly part 23)… Hexagon on Saturn

Dan Grobstein File

  • From Talking Points Memo: Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) makes a very good point. The prosecutor firings and replacements just happen to be in all the key 2008 swing states, and not in any states that are safe for either party -- with the exception of California, where the Lam -Cunningham investigation is. Why do you think that would be?
  • LA Times: Circuit City Stores Inc. has a message for some of its best-paid employees: Work for less or work somewhere else. [ed note: That'll be good for morale, not to mention sales staff competence]
    Amritsar Journal: Young Sikh Men Get Haircuts, Annoying Their Elders
    Spiritual leaders expressed dismay at the rapidity with which a new generation of young men in India are trimming their hair and abandoning the turban. [ed. note: annoying your elders; the universal goal of youth]
  • NEW YORK REGION | March 24, 2007
    A Museum-Quality Car for a Subway Yet Unbuilt
    In 1949, 10 prototype subway cars for the Second Avenue line were delivered to the New York Board of Transportation, but the line was never completed.