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end April 29 Column

Dinner with Neal, Apology for Late Posting

Ate with Neal and a fellow MIT grad we both knew in SF on Tuesday night. We chose to dine at Terzo at the corner of Union and Steiner--one terrific restaurant. I should also add that it is a pleasure to dine with people you share some history with. In fact, I was made an honorary Burton Five Smoker and invited to a reunion next September. If only Dave Green or David "the carpets, when wet, smelled dankly of old beer" Searls would come. Or, if I could just become an honorary PBE or CP…

Anyway, speaking of shared experience, we ended up dining with a beautiful and fascinating restaurant owner who, like Neal, is a Harvard B School graduate (albeit a few years behind us).

I am sorry for the late posting this week; both my cat and I had to go to the doctor's office on Monday