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Neal Vitale Reviews: Dan In Real Life

Letters: FEMA Blasted, Lasusa Links, NY Times Editorial Touted, Peterman Writes Vanity Fair, Dan Grobstein File

This just in: FEMA blasted for 'news' conference

Tom Lasusa surfs the web so you don't have to: Some Pre-Halloween Fun in honor of next Wednesday. Happy Halloween Everyone!! From 1979: The Halloween that Almost Wasn't starring Judd Hirsch and Mariette Hartely… p1P2p3 (it's Disco Dracula at the end that makes it all the worthwhile)…A Happy Tree Friends HalloweenDaddy, little girl and her 'friend' play hide and seekRowan Atkinson's Devil Welcomes You to HellMost Haunted Cemetary in the worldGhosts, Spirits, and Demons -- 'caught on tape'Build the Ultimate Werewolf CostumeGhost-Hunter: NYC Has Most Haunted PlacesWhen Cute Animals Go BAD (Freaky Photoshop Fun)The History of HalloweenA Repost of some of my favorite Halloween-esque PoemsGhost stories for HalloweenThe Legend of the Jack-o-Lantern.

Tom thinks we should all read this NY Times editorial. I agree: Another $200 Billion

My friend and regular contributor, Kent Peterman, wrote this letter to Vanity Fair:

I read with interest James Wolcott's extremely thorough, pompous, and overblown study of the twist. When I danced "the Twist" in college I never dreamed it was the advent of a new society. I think that Mr. Wolcott reads to much into it. He makes "The Twist" more powerful than it was. It was a fun dance. Let us live with that memory. After all sometimes: "...a kiss is just a kiss, a smile is just a smile..." Oh good lord, now Mr. Wolcott will undoubtedly dissect "As Time Goes By" and add social relevance to it. In the immortal words of the Beatles...Let it be, Mr. Wolcott, let it be.

Dan Grobstein File