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The Insurance Industry: idiots or jerks?

I heard both John Edwards and advocate for the working class Barbara Ehrenreich attack the health insurance industry this week. They don't know the half of it. I am the office manager for a medical provider, and I have never witnessed such incompetence in my entire life as I see from the insurance companies, and I was once a newspaper reporter. In fact, now, when I hear people say, "Do you want health insurance to be run like the post office," my answer will be "yes, at least the post office usually delivers." The number of "lost" claims in insurance companies is so high I can only conclude they lose them deliberately, to see if you will notice and refile the claim or simply let it go. I know I mailed it; their claim they "never got it" is bogus in the extreme. Beware people who sing the praises of the existing system. They are just wrong.