Neal Vitale's Oscar Picks
An Explanation, not an excuse


by Craig Reynolds

This is a special "I was going to skip Technobriefs this week but find myself stuck at the airport" edition.

Unsecret: yikes! software data protection undone by a hardware hack, discovered by Ed Felton, et al.: A Method for Critical Data Theft. A site established as a data haven for leaked documents soldiers on dispite a California court's attempt to disrupt its operation: Whistle-blower site taken offline and Wikileaks Site Has a Friend in Sweden. Note that the site is still there, but you have to use its numerical IP address. On Wednesday Google found 243 sites listing the IP number, on Friday there are 3900!

GDC: I was at the Game Developers Conference this week, so here are some game-related bits: Are casual games the future?, A Little Pre-GDC Evening Reading and Intel unveils eight-core high-end, gaming platform. A release date has finally been set for the long anticipated Maxis block-buster Spore: Evolution Is a Slow Process, Preview: Spore and Hands-on with 'Spore'.

Technobits: Smugglers Return iPhones to China --- Google lunar challenge gets under way --- After HD DVD Drop, Toshiba Spends $835M to Back PS3.