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Keith Colquhoun's Novel "Beyond Reason"

British author and journalist Keith Colquhoun has written several novels, including one about journalists (Goebbels Gladys) and two that have journalist characters, Killing Stalin and his recently released Beyond Reason (Solidus Press-- An ex-journalist appears during the last chapter in a cameo).

He has been kind enough to conduct an ongoing e-mail correspondence with me, which included an early look at his most recent novel, which features the relationship between two Anglican priests, one a plodder, the other a cipher. The phrase "can't put it down" is frequently bandied about, but I used it here without reservation because it is literally true. Once I picked up this novel, I devoted full time to it (putting me even further behind in my New Yorker reading) because the plot pulled me in--I wondered where we were going, and was satisfied with the answer.

Given that I'm an ex-journalist and one of my best friends is an Episcopal (Anglican) priest, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well-written, fast-paced, entertaining, and, like his other works, endearingly eccentric. If you are interested in a good novel that doesn't read just like every other novel, and some thoughtful chatter about the state of religion, wrapped into an entertaining package, you'll like Beyond Reason.