This Week's Column, My LA Trip

Abraham Lincoln's Doctor's Dog, 2008 style

Hot buttons of our day on NPR: "This I Believe," involving a dead dog and a recipe for Yoda-shaped Quinoa cakes.

As you know, my favorite NPR program, the Bryant Park Project, was canceled; the last day was Friday. The staff delivered a touching two-hour farewell. I was moved.

Along the way, I was also amused several times, most vividly by Dan Pashman. Literati will recall the idea, attributed to Random House publisher and famed light poetry author Bennett Cerf that he knew the title of a guaranteed best seller: "Abraham Lincoln's Doctor's Dog." In fact, the Internet alleges that the acronym ALDD means a work cynically designed to hit all the hot buttons of popularity. Well, here it is.

A long time ago I attempted to create a story that would make it to #1 on the Most E-mailed List. To accomplish my goal I studied the list, and created a story that included elements commonly found on the list. Back then I peaked at #2. The #1 story got linked on, and that was that. So I'm making one more attempt. Go to the story and e-mail it to everyone you know. (Keep in mind that when you enter a list of e-mail addresses separated by commas, the site only counts it as one e-mail. You have to enter one address, hit send, then go back and do the process again.)

Now get e-mailing. Use this version of the story from today's show. This is our lasting legacy on NPR!

I think it may have been number one sometime Saturday; it was Number 5 as of Saturday Night. Come on, people, email it to your friends (one e-mail at a time), as a tribute to a great show, cancelled before its time. Maybe we can even make it to "most-emailed stories of 2008" if we play our cards right.