End of July 28 Column

Life of Brian Set To Music, Peggy on Phil Proctor, Dan Grobstein File

Monty Python's Eric Idle Resurrects 'Life Of Brian'
One of the stars of the comedy team Monty Python, Eric Idle is back with Not
the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy), an adaption of the 1979 movie Life of

Last week, I described my brief introduction to Phil Proctor, one of my very favorite performers. Peggy Coquet was moved to write:

Back in the days when our children were small, Steve and I listened to The Firesign Theatre on LPs. One neighbor said, "I can't believe you listen to that straight!" (as opposed to stoned, not as opposed to gay; times do change, don't they?)

Our daughter escaped uninfected <grin>, but our 24-year-old son can quote huge chunks of "Humbold County" and "Waiting for the Electrician." Nick Danger is no stranger to him, and some words and phrases ("Turkish", "May I see your passport?", "Are those my cues?" "No, it's a butte") can send him into long, verbatim riffs. The torch has been passed.

These guys have enriched my life, strengthened my bond with my children, and helped us all (even the girl) to appreciate language as a toy.

And I bet they just wanted to pay their rent!

So, Phil, David, Phillip and Peter: Thanks!

Dan Grobstein File

  • Dan was amused that the Wall Street Journal thought this discover of a dark cloud within a silver lining was important enough to issue a "news alert:"
    Obama maintained a lead of 47%-41% over McCain in a WSJ/NBC poll, but voters voiced concerns about the Democrat's background and values. The key question in the contest isn't over any single issue, but the focus has turned to the Democratic candidate himself: Can Americans get comfortable with Obama?
  • A staff driven politician tries to absorb a memo and speak like he knows what he's talking about. McCain is staff driven. Obama knows from his own reading and experience. How refreshing.
  • Scrap metal thievery. dishonoring our past. There are two copper candlestick-like ornaments missing from the World War I monument in town. Where's the outrage?

    Fifteen years ago one of my printers in Elizabeth was really pissed. It seems that flyers were distributed to tell the merchants that in the interest of making the area less polluted there would be a special pickup of scrap and dangerous waste like chemicals that they were storing.

    This was all piled up on the curb and the thieves came by and picked up all the recyclable scrap and left everything else.

    [Ed. note: same thing happens in Orinda. If you put your recycling out the night before, like you do your trash, it is picked over by scavengers who toss the stuff they don't want all over the street. So you have to get up at 6am to put it out. Grrrr.]
  • When I was at Netroots Nation I attended a panel with Annette Taddeo (running for Congress from Florida), Marcy Wheeler of Firedoglake, Robin Carnahan (Sec'y of State of Missouri) and Joe Sudbay of Americablog.

    Annette Taddeo said that the Democrats cooperated with the Republican controlled Legislature and Republican governor in setting the Democratic primary earlier than the DNC allowed. But if the DNC doesn't figure out a good way of handling this, more Republican controlled states will do the same to their Democratic parties and force the DNC to deny their votes too.

    Also the Republicans set the date for the Democratic primary in Florida at August 26 which is during the Democratic convention. So many Democrats will have to stay in Florida for the primary rather than be at the convention. More mischief which can only get worse.