Frank Capra's "Power of the Press"

The End of the Bryant Park Project

I am angry, upset, and sad, all at the same time. NPR has pulled the plug on The Bryant Park Project, a superb radio program, already previously cited here as "the best radio program you've never heard of." Under-promoted, the show struggled to gain its footing with a tiny over-the-air audience and a large  internet and satellite radio audience. NPR Management, apparently a pack of muttonheads, pulled the plug without so much as a by your leave. Could the audience have funded the show's budget with contributions? The New York Times says the show cost $2 million a year. Seems like we, the listeners, could have come up with the money, given a chance. The phrases "shooting yourself in the foot" and "cutting off your nose to spite your face" come to mind. Certainly, the phrase "respect for the listening audience" is the last thing I think of in these circumstances.

But then, I was raised in a union household. My father was a Teamster. He regularly told me that nearly all members of management were perfidious idiots. Very little in my life experience since has contradicted that early teaching.

The death of the BPP next Friday will leave a large hole on my Ipod; I'll fill it, but probably not with something from NPR. Actions have consequences, NPR management.