Neal Vitale Reviews: Monsters vs. Aliens
Race to Witch Mountain


1 star out of 5
As Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said of porn, I will say of pretentious claptrap: it is hard to define, but "But I know it when I see it." The only possible reason to see this film is if you love Nicholas Cage and don't want to miss anything he is in. Or, if you're a big fan of movies that have a couple of exteriors shot at MIT (as I am, being an MIT graduate). But as with Good Will Hunting, the interiors were obviously shot somewhere else. The plot is incoherent, and filled either with dangling plot lines or incoherence, I'm not sure which. It was a waste of the $50 million it cost to make and the two hours it took to watch. I won't offer any specific spoiler, but the best shots from the trailer come in the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes; the 100 minutes inbetween are a vast wasteland. I took a bullet for the team this time.