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Neal Vitale Reviews: I Love You, Man

Monsters vs. Aliens

3 stars out of 5
Dreamworks has done a nice job here. Not Oscar-worthy or anything, but a cut above most of the garbage that Hollywood is pushing out the door during Crap Season. At least there is light, color and action, especially in the 3D version (and I VERY strongly suggest seeing this film in 3D). The writing is crisp, the CGI, of course, is ever-more amazing with each picture (check out Susan's freckles!) and the voice actors are first-rate. The day someone at an animation studio woke up and said, "Wait, let's have actors use their normal voices" was, indeed, a great day in Hollywood. The industry began with funny voices (Walt Disney doing Mickey Mouse, Mel Blanc doing Bugs Bunny and a thousand others), but it was also Disney that began the realistic voice counter-trend (all its feature-length animated films use mostly real voices). The plot is trite, as is much of the dialog, but its an enjoyable 90 minutes.