A Week Away

Race to Witch Mountain

2.5 stars out of 5
The biggest difference between Race to Witch Mountain and Knowing, which I saw on the same evening, is that Knowing is pretentious claptrap, while Race to Witch Mountain is unpretentious claptrap. The funny thing is, I would have bet a million dollars that Race, with its car chases, live stuntmen and back-lot explosions, looked to be a whole lot cheaper and less CGI-laden than its more pretentious competitor. Yet, according to on-line sources, both films cost $50 million to make. Is Dwayne Johnson as expensive as Nicholas Cage? Has it gotten to the point where CGI is cheaper than a bunch of tumbling stuntmen dressed as soldiers? In any case, Race was a pleasant diversion, entertaining m family-fun eye candy that (thank you!) runs a tight, taut 90 minutes. If you don't mind sharing the theater with a lot of kids, go ahead and enjoy yourself.