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End April 27 Column


At the risk of being accused of a bad case of cranky old man disease, I would like, once again, to complain about change. I am not all that fond of change. I am facing the prospect of change at work next year, both in supporting technology and possibly my schedule. If I could just teach the same three classes for the same three periods for the rest of my career, I think I would be a happy camper. As Ian Shoales once put it, "a middle-aged man likes change about as much as he likes a heart attack."

I have had to change my diet, because, as I was warned, a diet that is perfectly good for weight maintenance eventually becomes not good enough as your body adapts to it. The same goes for my exercise regimen. Worked for 18 months. Has begun to stop working, which is scaring the heck out of me. Watch this space to see if I really swim as often and as long as I hope this year. My goal: at least three times a week, and eventually 32 laps (up from the 20, then 22, at which I have started in a 25-yard pool).

I am not facing any serious changes in my personal life--everyone is alive, well, healthy and as happy as can be expected.

Still doesn't mean I like the changes I am facing.

And a final note about site maintenance--I know the "now showing" and "dvd" movies are out of date in the bar down the side of the column. I am still behind from my spring break vacation in Oregon. I just got an Iphone, and moving my life into it is, of course, proving time consuming. The promise, is, of course, that I will have one device that will replace my palm pilot, my ipod mini and my faltering telephone. If only I can figure out how to work it, and load up everything I need on it (and can someone tell me why the built-in Iphone contact search sucks so bad that I have to pay for an application to search my contacts?)

I am sure I will look back on all this someday and laugh. I hope I am laughing from a happy place and not some blasted out crater.