End April 13 Column
Monsters vs. Aliens

GHD Musical, Slowing Conficker, Saturday Morning Watchmen, Dan Grobstein File

Exciting news for us fans of the movie Groundhog Day comes from Dan Rosenbaum:

Harold Ramis says: well, maybe. Sondheim's interested. And no -- it wasn't an April Fool's joke.

A friend notes: Domain-hoarding may have hamstrung Conficker. Also, the Obama Administration is apparently WORSE than Bush on warrantless wiretapping, according to the EFF.

Daniel Dern found a promo for an imaginary Saturday morning Watchmen cartoon.

Dan Grobstein File

excerpt quote:

(5) Anyone who believes abortion should be legal just wants to have reckless sex without consequences.

(6) Anyone who advocates habeas corpus rights for accused terrorists or who opposes torture harbors sympathy for Islamic extremism and approves of indiscriminate violence against civilians.

(7) Anyone who opposes unrestrained government surveillance must be doing bad things in private that they want to hide.