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Neal Vitale Reviews: I Love You, Man

4 stars out of 5

I had avoided seeing I Love You, Man, having - based on its cast - lumped it in with the likes of Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Pineapple Express, Suberbad, etc., in a genre of which I was rapidly tiring. But this is an easily likable film, sweet and surprisingly restrained,  driven by the considerable charms of Paul Rudd (Role Models, Night At The Museum, and many of the previously-mentioned Judd Apatow projects). Rudd plays a man more comfortable around women than men - his dream date is sharing a bottle of wine, a summer salad, and watching Chocolat - and I Love You, Man chronicles his attempts at securing a Best Man for his impending nuptials. There are numerous and often predictable pitfalls during this quest, and a fair share of silliness, but the warmth and humor more than offset any cliches. An unexpected delight, well worth seeing,