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Oscar Shorts

Just Go With It

4 stars out of 5
This Adam Sandler/Jennifer Anniston romocom truly surprised me.  Sandler was not an exaggerated jerk or clown, and Anniston was not annoying or scary. Who knew they had it in them? By the way, Nicole Kidder has an amusing extended cameo. It was a perfect romcom in the sense that after several false starts their only kiss takes place about 30 second before the end of the movie. This is of the "web of lies" sub-genre, in which plastic surgeon Sandler's assistant/ receptionist, his "office wife" turns out to have an unexpected hold on his heart. There is a lot of humor, just a touch of pathos, some intelligent dialog and some garbage as well as a few juvenile toilet jokes. You could write an outline of the entire film, including the appearance of Kidder, within one minute of the film's start, but there is comfort in genre well-executed and interest is generated in how the journey occurs, even when you know how it will end.