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Letters: Watson on Jeopardy, Dan Grobstein File

I put the Watson News here, instead of in a separate item, because by the time you read this it will have been beaten to death. Still, I found the whole thing fascinating, as I told the breakfast radio audience of Portland's No. 1 DJ, my friend and high school buddy Bruce Murdock.
Bob Nilsson, commenting on Day One:
I wish I knew why Watson has no speech recognition so he would not chime in with an already-tried wrong answer! And tell me how Watson “happened” to pick the daily double on his first try; when normally he moves horizontally starting at the top of the board. producers couldn’t have asked for a better tight match; at least on day 1.

 A friend writes: ...article in Slate by Ken Jennings called "My Puny Human Brain" about the the experience of being bested by a supercomputer

Dan Grobstein File