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Political Briefs

Inside Job

Vicki and I saw the documentary on the roots of the financial crisis, Inside Job. Now I know why all the reviews of this film were so uniformly positive. It is an amazing, detailed and seemingly quite fair look at the fact that the meltdown of 2008 was not inevitable; it was the result of greed, corruption and lax regulation which stems from Wall Street having made Washington, D.C. a wholly owned subsidiary. If you want to get your dander up, go see it.

Dern and Nilsson on The Cloud, a Cool Video, Dan Grobstein File

Last week's column was scrubbed because I could not get at my files. Daniel Dern writes:

My backup/storage articles in general can be found here and my cloud/SaaS stuff here. A backup service which also is useful for remotely retrieving files. I'm fond of (and using) KinetcD, aka Data Deposit Box, which

  • charges per gig per month, no matter how many machines the account is for
  • can be set to do saves nearly as you go
  • has Windows and Mac clients
  • Is, of course, web-accessible to retrieve files

Bob Nilsson also adds:

I just leave my PC on and use Logmein (free for PCs) to access it from everywhere I go. I noticed even Burger King now provides free Internet, including free use of PCs they provide in their restaurants, at least in some locations like NYC.

I have just seen the most amazing video in the world: and here it is as actually shot: lip dub? I thought the phrase was lip sync? When did it change? Or does lip dub mean something different than lip sync?

I don't like to say a lot about most plays since many of the readers of this column aren't close to SF. Vicki and I saw Clybourne Park at the ACT on Sunday. It was hilarious and thought provoking. You wouldn't think a play about block-busting could be funny, but it was and serious at the same time. We loved it.

Dan Grobstein File