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2.5 stars out of 5
Normally, I would give this action/thriller a 3, but Vicki pointed out to me it suffers from Sean Connery disease; in real life, Liam Neeson is 58 and January Jones, the vapid blonde, is 33. He's not quite twice her age, but almost. In an amusing touch, we see his passport in the film, and 10 years are taken off his age. Anyway, if you're a fan of Neeson in silly action mode, this is the film for you. Its greatest virtue is its unpredictability. I don't know Didier Van Cauwelaert's novel, Out of my Head on which the film is based, but I assume the screenwriting team of Oliver Butcher & Stephen Cornwell (son of spy novelist John LeCarre) got some of the more clever twists from the book (you can tell they are a team because they are listed with an ampersand in the credits. Sequential writers are credited with the word "and"). The thing that made me like this movie was the fact that I never knew what was going on and could never predict what's coming next. I can't share the plot without spoiling it, but I guarantee you will be surprised and I assure you that you will be entertained. Unless you can't get past the age-inappropriate co-stars.