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Pure GOP Hypocricy, Conflict Of Interest, Briefs

Pure GOP Hypocricy
Let's make this a viral internet meme folks. There is no better example of pure Republican hypocricy than these four back-to-back news releases by a cut and burn GOP congressman: Not Clear On The Concept. I am sure he will have scrubbed his site by the time you read this, but I checked it. They are there, just like the article says.

Conflict Of Interest

"Federal Housing Administration Commissioner David H. Stevens will head the Mortgage Bankers Association after he leaves his current post, sources familiar with the matter said." Last week his story was the he had not accepted any job offers. So what is he doing while he is your employee? "He’s been deeply involved in several high-profile initiatives that involve the mortgage banking industry, including current negotiations that will determine what kinds of fines and penalties might be imposed on mortgage servicers who took part in shoddy mortgage foreclosure practices." The term "shoddy mortgage foreclosure practices" translates as swearing out false affidavits, forging documents, committing perjury, and otherwise defrauding homeowners of the title to their homes which title the mortgage industry thought it had secured but which security it apparently lost in the case of several million homes due to what might be diplomatically described as sloppy practices. During the negotiations, Mr. Stevens has the ability to save his future employers (the MBA and its members whose offer he had not accepted last week) several trillions of dollars. But not to worry, he has (according to anonymous sources) been in touch with the HUD general counsel "since he started talking with MBA to ensure that he has followed all relevant ethics rules." Be assured because The Washington Post alleges on its own authority with no stated source that Mr. Stevens "will have no further contact with the MBA or any of its member organizations with respect to any matter pending before  HUD." Neither Mr. Stevens, HUD, or The Washington Post have offered any assurance that Mr. Stevens will refrain from participating in the negotiations affecting a few trillion dollars of the money of the member organizations of his future employer which negotiations require no contact with his future employer and its member organizations.

Conflict Of Interest Revisited
"So when I’m greeted with something described as “Mary Meeker’s Brilliant, Tech-Centered Turnaround Plan for USA Inc,” you’ll pardon me if the first thing I want to know is “how do Meeker and her clients stand to get rich off of this.”