End April 25 Column
The Conspirators

Caroll Cat Column, Silent Correction, Dan Grobstein File

Another top-rate cat column from America's most underrated daily newspaper columnist, Jon Carroll.

From the discussion list of my college paper:

Next time you feel the need to make a silent correction, just go ahead and do it -- after all, it's good enough for congress. (Not intended to be a factual statement.)


Dan Grobstein File

  • From the BBC: Avoiding the anti-social network - what to do to dodge online darkness

  • The federal labor board has sought to reinterpret and more vigorously enforce the rules governing employers and employees.

  • Selling government assets is the biggest scam. You get short term money which helps you mask the consequences of lowering taxes on the rich, but you lose all the future use and income from them. It's just robbing the commons for a select few. Chicagoans will pay more for parking for the rest of their lives and the city lost the future revenue and has already spent the bulk of the sale price. You sell the Indiana turnpike and the new owners can raise tolls without any political consequence and take the money. 

    Just look at the changes taking place thanks to all the angry new governors. 

  • Matt Taibi in rolling stone has been all over this. But I wasn't aware who the marquee representative was.
    Why did Spencer Bachus, chairman of the Financial Services Committee, introduce legislation to delay the regulation of derivatives