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A friend of mine recently ran me through some questions that analuzed my nature. Her report:

This is the result from Deepak Chopra's Dosha Quiz app. It's the best quiz I've seen so far- there are three "prakritis" or types: Vata, Pitta, Kapha and not all quizzes are great at identifying dual-prakritis (a combo of types). You are a mixture of Vata and Pitta. Everyone is a mixture of all the three types, but you have no one dominate type- you have two types. In ayurveda, finding out your dosha is finding out your imbalances are and your job is to live your life to neutralize your imbalances.

Your results according to the Deepak Chopra App: (Of course not every single thing will apply- you're tall which is Vata, but the broadstrokes are supposed to apply) "Pitta-Vatas have medium built bodies and they are of medium strength and musculature. They are quick in their movements with good stamina and are assertive. The Pitta intensity is obvious in them, but they have a touch of Vata lightness. They have stronger digestion and regularity than Vatas or Vata-Pittas. They love challenges and tackle problems enthusiastically. When they are out of balance, this type makes them tense, hard-driven and insecure -- classic Type A behavior."