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Neal Vitale Reviews: Pariah

3.5 stars out of 5    

Pariah is Dee Rees' first feature film, profiling a teenager in Brooklyn as she comes of age and begins to explore her sexual identity in a restrictive household. Adepero Oduye (also in her first starring role) is the young girl, and she gives a powerful, commanding performance that is the core of the film. The storyline - focused on girl-to-girl relationships - is actually a much broader narrative, speaking to the conflicting emotions and conflicts of growing up. A nice, small film.

[A note about the internet - don't believe everything you read, even when it is something seemingly "factual" like movie times. I wound up seeing Pariah  because I had gone to see The Muppets - yes, The Muppets - based on search results online. When I got to the theatre, the film had started 45 minutes earlier than what was shown in a Google search. The theatre was unapologetic.]