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Wikipedia, Biking in Boston, The Nature of Being

Wikipedia, Biking in Boston, The Nature of Being
Like most teachers, I have very mixed feelings about Wikipedia. To keep my students away from it when researching Civil War battles, I have created my own Google Custom Search Engine. But I am very interested in the thoughts of any of my readers about this infographic. I am highly dubious about the error rate per article figure.

Biking in Boston
I found myself thinking about biking in Boston. When I arrived in 1970 as a freshman, I had the bike I got for Christmas four years earlier. Since I lived in the Back Bay, I frequently rode it over the Harvard Bridge to MIT when the weather was decent (September, October, March, April and May). The bike was stolen. I came back my sophomore year with the identical bike my brother had gotten, but didn't want. That summer, I worked five miles away, at WBZ on Soldiers' Field Road. For six months, five days a week, I rode it to work (I had no other way to get there), rain or shine. The next school year, it was stolen too. My junior year, I bought a junker. It was stolen. My senior year I rode a one-speed, complete wreck. I no longer bothered to lock it, because who would steal junk? It was stolen. I didn't ride for six years after I graduated, until I moved to California the second time in 1979 and started riding with Vicki. I have never had a bike stolen in California. I am not at all sure what this all means...

The Nature of Being
In his Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda wrote  that it takes "a million years of incarnating masquerades to know final emancipation." A friend of mine has been telling me this for years.  I told her great minds think alike, and she responded, "Ha!  not only do they think  alike, they ARE One Mind, to my understanding.  We are all just bits of that One Mind, albeit some of us are asleep, or half asleep, and forget/forgot what we are." Food for thought.