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Celebration: My Daughter, the Democratic National Convention Delegate

Fantastic news. At the 11th California Congressional District Caucus on Sunday in Concord, CA, my younger daughter, R, culminated a decade of paid and unpaid political work with her selection as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. this September. I have been to three conventions myself, and know people who have been to more, but this is the first time any relative of mine has been an actual delegate. She received the second-highest vote total (thanks, in part, to her mom, her grandfather, her dad, and my best friend). Did you know (I didn't...) that you have to pay your own room and board and travel to be a convention delegate. As my dad says, "So that's how they keep poor people out of the convention!"

If you have ever been to a convention for either party as a delegate or a volunteer (her sister, M, went to LA as a volunteer in 2008), please feel free to offer advice and tips; I will pass them on. In the meantime: Huzzah!