The real cost of living, a belated Dalton Earth Day note (also the Future of Journalism), MIT Hacking
The death of photojournalism as we have known it

Political Briefs

  • Halliburton fracking loophole
  • Undo ALEC's Damage 
  • Clueless Republican
    With the remark that the recent fiasco was "the worst moment in Secret Service history," Rep. Peter King (R. - NY), 68,  joins George H. W. Bush as the only well-known person over the age of 54 who either did not know where he was on Nov. 22, 1963, or did not appreciate, comprehend, or ever learn of the events of that day in Dallas.
  • End Of A Fairy Tale
    "So we’re now living in a world of zombie economic policies — policies that should have been killed by the evidence that all of their premises are wrong, but which keep shambling along nonetheless. And it’s anyone’s guess when this reign of error will end." 
  • Contingent Liability  of IMF moves
  • Chaperones For The Secret Service
    This is precisely the wrong move and the wrong message. The people involved are agents of the United States Secret Service. They are charged with protecting personnel and U.S. currency. First, the entire agency should be put back in the Treasury Department as a down payment on eliminating the unnecessary Department of Vaterland Security. Second, this is not high school and these agents (in general) do not need chaperones. The few (if any) who do "need" chaperones should be removed from the agency forthwith. Sending chaperones only increases the cost of a trip and unnecessarily increases bureaucracy and sharply decreases national security while allowing preening egotistical fools to claim they had "done something" or "solved a problem" (which of course is what Sen. Joe Lieberman (Connecticut for Lieberman Party - Conn.) and Sen. Susan Collins (R. - Maine) and various incompetent, uncomprehending, ignorant colleagues may have had in mind in 2002 when they set about creating the Department of Vaterland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence).
  • Krugman Tries To Sweep Away ABC's Deliberate Fog Of Misinformation And Misinformed Opinion, here and here.
  • Another Reason To Remove Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker From Office On June 5 
  • Housing Market Nowhere Near Stabilized; Prices Not At Bottom 
  • Obama’s Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy
    Could Imperil Reelection Hopes, Experts Say