End April 9 Column
Political Briefs

Texts from Hillary, Dern on John Carter, Peterman on Sad State of Education, Research from Nilsson, Dalton: We're Reading Less

Hilarious! Or perhaps Hillaryiarious: Texts from Hillary

Did you think that the new movie John Carter was awful just because most reviewers hated it? Daniel Dern begs to differ.

Kent Peterman writes: Another fine product of American education. God help us all. Would that it were an April Fool's joke. [Actually, I suspect it is. Really, could anyone not answer that?]

Bob Nilsson saw this in the Boston GlobeResearchers found that simply holding a gun yourself can make you think others have a gun, too. and (same link) … “Note to the Republican Party: You might want to serve alcohol and give prizes for fast voting at the polls. Psychologists at the universities of Arkansas, Kansas, and Wisconsin found that people instructed to multitask, go fast, or go with their gut adopted more conservative attitudes. Moreover, people leaving a bar were more conservative the higher their blood-alcohol level…”
Also, Bob has a Nissan Leaf: "I’m loving my LEAF. It’s a great car and I no longer waste any time or money at gas stations."

Speaking of belated April Fools: "We Made A Huge Mistake" . Also, Why Some People Attended MIT

Richard Dalton sent me this Pew study, which, I think USA Today would headline, We're Reading Less.

Borowitz Report: Citing Safety Concerns, Somali Pirates Refuse to Board Cruise Ships: Fire, Capsizing Top Pirates’ Concerns, Spokesman Says