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End of the Mali Journal

Weekend in Bodega

My wife, younger daughter and I spent a delightful three-day weekend in Bodega Bay, at the rental house 7th Heaven in the Bodega Harbour development. We have been renting rental houses there for 30 years. It is a lovely weekend getaway. I suppose it might be nicer if we golfed (since the development is built around, and the houses back onto, a golf course), but the long, white-sand beach is perfect for a walk of an hour or more, and that's good enough exercise for us. There is also a fine restaurant just 30 minutes away in Jenner, called River's End (about the same distance as the almost-as-good Cape Fear in Duncans Mills), where we ate a great lunch on Sunday. There is another pretty good restaurant closer, Terrapin Creek in Bodega Bay itself.  The best thing about getting away is that you can't do any of the things that normally fill your time, so you are forced to relax. Of course, that means you fall behind, but so be it. I love our weekends there; always have. So we walked on the beach, we read (a lot; I love to read), we made popcorn, we watched foreign movies on Itunes and Netflix, we lit a fire in the fireplace. I was reading the new book New Republic, which is shaping up to be as good a journalism novel as Scoop.