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Weird Al Interview, Gold Medal Tax Avoiders, Test if Observation Skills, Dan Grobstein File

If you, like me, are a huge Weird Al fan (I have loved his work since day one and play it constantly in the car; just ask my daughters), you will want to listen to the WTF Podcast:

Episode 257 - “Weird Al” Yankovic
Mon, February 27, 2012--This is no parody, this is the real deal. “Weird Al” Yankovic graces the garage at The Cat Ranch for a conversation with Marc about his three decades in entertainment and the unique connection he has with audiences, including their ability to lift him up during the most difficult time in his life.

Richard Dalton asks: "How's this for a stomach turner?  I wonder if anyone has correlated this tax non-payers list with major PAC donations?

Kent Peterman forwards  this challenging test of things you see every day.

Dan Grobstein File